Donate or Volunteer

As with any community organization, it takes time and money to keep the momentum going. Money to keep up the weekly space rental, advertising, and programming. Time to get speakers, prepare content, childcare, and the myriad of behind the scenes tasks it takes to keep a group like this going.



As we grow our community and get it off the ground, we are discovering what we need in terms of volunteer roles to be filled.

  • Children’s Program
    • Help coordinate the kids’ program volunteers for each Sunday.
    • Help assist the lead organizers for a Sunday. Set up or tear down the kids’ space. Teach a lesson. Have a skill or interest the kids might be interested in? Share it with our kiddos!
  • Committtee(s)
    • Volunteers
  • Social Event Committtee
    • Help plan, schedule, and coordinate various social events between Sundays.
  • Oasis Ambassadors
    • Represent Oasis at various events or meetings outside of Sundays, such as social events, volunteer events, marketing outreach, etc.
  • Video Editing, Sound System, Photography
    • Set up and run sound equipment at events.
    • Take pictures for social media and scrapbook page.
    • Help edit and post our talks to YouTube. Some experience helpful.
  • Communications Social Media Team
    • Ad space sales – coordinate selling and setting up ad space in our Sunday paper program.
    • Street team to paper the town with advertisements for our musical guests.
    • People to flier local universities, colleges, coffee shops, etc.
    • Post to Twitter and Facebook from the Boston Oasis accounts
    • Create Facebook and Meetup events for Oasis events
    • Write blog posts
  • Finance Team
    • Team members to help carry out tasks to ensure that Oasis meets its financial goals and organizes fundraising efforts and events.
  • Family-Friendly Event Coordinator
    • Create social events that include kids, such as picnics, park outings and house get-togethers.

Also, we need host homes for:

  • Citywide potlucks
  • Family-friendly happy hours
  • Game nights
  • Oasis Microcommunities (discussion and interest groups)

If you’re interested in staying up to date with what our volunteer needs are, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Finally, we need speakers and musical talent. If you have a great idea for a talk, or know an amazing local band that would love to showcase their talents, please let us know! You can reach us through our contact page.